If you’re looking for a unique stay or experience on the water, we are pleased to offer luxury yacht charter services. Our yacht and crew options have been vetted for exceptional quality and service to insure that your maritime adventure is a truly remarkable experience. Whether you’re going out for an afternoon or a week-long adventure, every moment of your excursion is designed to exceed your expectations.


Explore the Caribbean from a different point of view when you charter a luxury yacht. Your every need will be catered to by the yacht’s staff while you explore new ports and islands that are only reachable by sea. Let the ocean rock you to sleep in well-appointed staterooms. Many of our charters come with toys for a fun day on the water. Your chic surroundings may make it hard to disembark!


Looking for an elevated experience to celebrate a milestone or entertain your clients? Consider a day or half-day charter. We can refined cocktail parties with private chefs, or for a livelier event, point you towards our yachts that come with toys such as jet-skis and jacuzzis. From family-friendly days on the water with tubes and snorkels, to formal dinners, to rowdy celebrations, we can set up a day to suit your needs.

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