Let private air travel be the true beginning of your getaway

We are pleased to offer Deluxuri Private Air Charter for our discerning travelers. Feel as though you are on vacation from the second you leave your home to the second you return when you fly private. Travel on your own schedule in comfort and luxury. From short trips for a couple to flights for all of your traveling companions, we have a plane that will suit your needs.

"When you charter with Deluxuri, you know you'll get a seamless and stress-free travel experience"

Our charter service experts have curated a selection of aircraft to meet the unique needs of each guest. We have a wide range of options from piston-propeller aircraft to mid-sized jets. Many of our guests have found that chartering turboprop aircraft delivers a luxury point-to-point travel solution that can be comparable in cost to first-class commercial travel.



Mid-size jets have the largest range of the jets represented here. They have roomy cabins and often come with a flight attendant to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Most of our mid-size jets accommodate 9 passengers in style.


An ideal coast-to-coast option for a smaller group than a mid-size jet, super-light jets feature an extended range for their size. They feature luxury finishes and comfortable surroundings.


Light jets are a versatile option with luxury features such as a full bathroom on board, high-end finishes, and plush seating. They have a longer range than the smaller planes, up to 2500 miles, and seat up to 8 in style. This is an ideal choice for business travelers.


Turbo prop planes are ideal for short flights as they are more fuel-efficient than light jets, but have a smaller range. They strike a nice balance between the space and cargo room of a smaller light jet, with the capability to utilize some shorter landing strips like a piston plane.


For short trips for 1 to 6 and smaller airfields with short runways or no control tower, piston aircraft are the most economical and practical choice. These planes often have smaller interiors and fly at lower altitudes. They are powered by piston engines instead of jet or turbine engines.

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